Eggs and bunnies – what’s not to like?

What looks like just an interested cat who just wants to be part of the Easter brunch decoration is a willful misrepresentation on Henry’s part. His interest in Christmas trees and baubles is marginal, flower posies hold his interest for only a little while and is hardly ever destructive, but Easter is something else. He loves Easter decorations!

I’ve already replaced the colourful blown eggs with styrofoam eggs. The ceramic bunnies have necklaces where the heads had to be glued back on and the new ones are made of wood. The vase contains no water and holds a dry arrangement of artificial forsythias and catkins.

Henry loves eggs, loves to lick them, loves to kick them from the table, loves to fight with them on the floor, loves to bat them when they hang from twigs, loves chewing the twigs, loves to push over the vase with the twigs, artificial or otherwise. I have no idea if it’s the bright, lighter colours that go with spring or less sparkle and gleam that attracts him or if he is more frisky at this time of year.

We are careful with the Christmas decorations each year (remembering Easter) and are pleasantly surprised that he leaves them more or less alone. Come Easter and we think we can try again with our now more mature Henry. We live and learn (not).


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