the cat and the ironing board

Who needs cat trees and cat walkways and cat hammocks?  We have an ironing board that has become now a permanent fixture in our living room.  Henry prefers it to all other seating possibilities.  Whether he’s rolled up on top of it during night time, or sunbathing in the morning, whether looking out in the garden or turning round and watching TV with us, whether it’s full of clothes or empty (I keep a towel on top permanently now).



Cherry tree very pretty

With a few glorious days heralding early spring, Henry is discovering the old cherry tree in our garden.

woozy but fine

Henry has come through his op with flying colours (orange yellow and pink in this case).  I collected him a mere hour after the procedure, he slept (more or less) for another two, then proceeded to jump on the kitchen counter.  Lothar winced – but Henry obviously felt no discomfort as he jumped down again. And up again. And down again.  Up to now I only had girl cats so I was a bit surprised but quite happy about his speedy recovery.



It is quite impressive how much guilt a cat can induce simply by turning his back on you. Or sitting in front of his empty feeding place. Or sitting on your lap. — He even managed to give me a blazing headache.


the kindest snip

Henry is not impressed with us. We forgot to feed him today.

Actually, we didn’t. He is not having any food because he is going to the vet this afternoon to be neutered. – Yes, I know it’s the sensible thing to do. For catdom in general as well as for Henry’s personal well being. But still … *sigh*