Relationship defined

I knew that my husband had business elsewhere this afternoon and that I’d be coming home to an empty flat. The front door was locked, the doors to the garden were closed and locked, and like he often does, he had closed the doors to the study and the bedroom before leaving. I made myself a nice cup of coffee, grabbed something to eat and flopped on the sofa with a book to read. Henry had to be outside as he was nowhere to be seen or heard.

I started on some overdue household chores and switched on some loud music.

I finally decided that enough was enough and some pc time was called for.

When I opened the door to the study Henry, who usually doesn’t hold back with mews and miaows, gave me the most reproachful sideway glance and stalked silently past me – as if it had been my fault that he’d been locked in!

After stretching his legs and dismissing his food bowl, Henry has now settled in his favourite place on top of the ironing board and just glares at me.

Oh, what a fate – to be the servant scorned by her king!

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