what’s on the menu?

As Henry first birthday is approaching, he likes the special kitten food less and less.  I am looking around for alternatives which are healty and not overpriced.

Today I opened a tin from a discounter; he’s already sampled one or two varieties of the brand and really liked it.  This one is made from three different kinds of fish. Henry likes fish a lot.  He immediately pounced on it and started licking and gobbling but stopped less than a third into the portion.  To me the fish smelled far too fishy to leave it standing outside so I covered the dish and put it in the fridge for later.

Later came and I placed the bowl in front of Henry.  He took one sniff and started backing away from it.  In fact, he literally walked backwards until he bumped into the stool a meter behind him.  He seemed thoroughly disgusted.  I won’t be buying that one again in a hurry.



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